Episode 10: Listener Questions from Board Engagement to Employee Benefits and Giving Tuesday

April 2, 2019

by: Sheela Nimishakavi

I don’t say this very often, but this is one episode you do. not. want to miss!

I answer ALL of those burning questions that keep you up at night. I discuss answers to:

  • How can you get your board comfortable with fundraising?
  • Pushing past “but we have always done it this way” sentiment.
  • For volunteer-run organizations, how will you know it’s time to hire staff?
  • How can you get your board to understand, grants are not going to solve all of your fundraising woes?
  • Transparency is important- but what exactly do donors want to know?
  • What benefits can small nonprofit organizations offer until they can afford to provide health insurance and retirement benefits (and not lose stellar staff in the interim)?
  • Should your organization participate in Giving Tuesday?
  • Tips for recruiting new board members for a budding nonprofit organization.
  • The most important piece of advice for young nonprofit professionals

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