web_2108Sheela Nimishakavi is a nonprofit finance and operations professional with a passion for creating socially just and inclusive communities. After working in the nonprofit field for over a decade and seeing many organizations struggle with the administrative requirements of running a nonprofit, Sheela founded ThirdSuite. By offering grant writing, bookkeeping, database management, as well as training in all aspects of administration, ThirdSuite helps nonprofits increase their capacity and allows staff to focus on the important work of furthering the organization’s mission.

Prior to consulting, Sheela held senior management positions at several community based nonprofit organizations in the health care and disabilities fields. She received an MA and M.P.H. in Health Policy and Management from Boston University School of Public Health, and a B.S. in Neurobiology, Psychology and Behavior from the University of California, Davis.

Sheela contributes to the nonprofit field as a writer for The Nonprofit Quarterly, serves on the Board of Directors of the Central Virginia Grant Professionals Association and the Advisory Board for Empowering People for Inclusive Communities.