Episode 60: Four Steps Toward Confident Decision-Making
How nonprofit bosses can make the best decisions for their teams

Episode 59: Innovation and the Nonprofit Sector
How innovation can help us solve the most pressing issues facing our communities

Episode 58: Managing Frontline Nonprofit Staff
How to support frontline staff during this crisis

Episode 57: Moving Forward During a Crisis
How to move past feeling like “it’s inappropriate to fundraise”

Episode 56: How to Manage a Remote Team
How to keep your team engaged while everyone is working from home

Episode 55: Fundraising During the Coronavirus Crisis
How to fundraise during a crisis and make up for a canceled event

Episode 54: Emotional Intelligence- A Valuable Skill for Nonprofit Leaders What emotional intelligence is, why it’s important, and how to develop it

Episode 28: Leadership vs. Management
How to tell the difference between leaders and managers

Episode 27: Are metrics preventing your nonprofit from achieving strategic success? 
How metrics could actually hurt your nonprofit

Episode 26: Dr. Gretchen Foskett on How to Start and Grow a Nonprofit
How two physicians helped their patients by forming a nonprofit

Episode 25: How to Effectively Run a Meeting
Make the most of meetings by following this proven formula

Episode 24: Become an Effective Nonprofit Professional by Focusing on 5 Key Areas
How to develop the mindset of an effective nonprofit professional

Episode 23: How to Excel in Fundraising as an Introvert
Tap into your unique strengths to succeed in fundraising

Episode 22: Chelsi Bennett on Running Your Nonprofit as a Side Hustle
How to use your personal story as fuel to make an impact 

Episode 21: How To Create a Mission-Oriented Data Strategy
Case study: lessons learned from City Year

Episode 20: What Do Donors Really Want?
The answer to the most important question fundraisers can ask

Episode 19: Five Tips for Achieving Your Goals this Fiscal Year
How to make this your best fiscal year yet

Episode 18: FAQ’s from Engaging Volunteers to Budgeting and Social Media
Your most commonly asked questions are answered in this episode

Episode 17: Chats with Chelsi Interviews Sheela
Why I started ThirdSuite, advice for young professionals, and more

Episode 16: Five Myths That Are Holding Your Nonprofit Back
What are these myths and what can you do about them

Episode 15: Three Scaled Down Strategic Plan Frameworks that Maximize Impact
How to undertake strategic planning that is effective and efficient

Episode 14: Six Ideas to Make Introducing Change into Your Nonprofit Easier
How you can introduce a change management project seamlessly from the start

Episode 13: The 7 Factors that Create Strong Boards
How you can get your board to #goals level

Episode 12: Tips for Reducing Stress for Yourself and Your Staff
How to build self-care into your days and create workplace culture that values self-care

Episode 11: Sharron McDaniel, Outreach Coordinator for ART180
How to define success in your role, recruiting participants, and juggling multiple priorities

Episode 10: Listener Questions
All your Questions From Board Engagement to Employee Benefits and Giving Tuesday

Episode 9: Elizabeth Anderson on Creating a Successful and Unique Fundraising Program 
Insider tips to creating your dream fundraising program

Episode 8: Fundraising Mini Series Pt. 3
How to Choose the Best Donor Database for your Nonprofit

Episode 7: Fundraising Mini Series Pt. 2
How to Choose the Best Fundraising Event for your Nonprofit

Episode 6: Fundraising Mini Series Pt. 1
Donor Road Map- Eliminate the overwhelm of stewarding donors with our donor road map

Episode 5: Yewande Austin on Diversity & Inclusion 
Taking a holistic approach to problem solving and maintaining integrity in fundraising

Episode 4: Adria Scharf on Conflict Resolution & Controversial Topics
How to navigate controversial topics with finesse and engage youth along the way

Episode 3: Anne McDonnell on Transitioning to Executive Director
How to make the switch from program staff to leader and lessons learned along the way

Episode 2: Rachel Douglas on Deep Introspection & Marketing for Nonprofits
How mindfulness can help nonprofits and how do you know when it’s time for a rebrand

Episode 1: Jeff Lafata, Founder & Executive Director of Empowering People for Inclusive Communities (EPIC)
Starting a Nonprofit Organization: From Leaning in to Letting Go