Episode 22: Chelsi Bennett on Running your Nonprofit as a Side Hustle, Self Care, and Using your Personal Story to Fuel Service

August 8, 2019

by: Sheela Nimishakavi

Chelsi Bennett is a total powerhouse. She’s an attorney, a health lobbyist, a former elected official, talk show host, and the founder of the Life With Chelsi Foundation. Oh yea, not to mention she’s a pastor’s wife and incredibly involved community member. This woman literally does it all while running her nonprofit as a side-hustle.

If you’ve ever wondered how to balance your full-time job with your passion for starting your own nonprofit organization, this episode is for you.

If you’re currently running your nonprofit as your side hustle and need some tips and tricks for managing it all, then this episode is definitely for you.

In this episode, Chelsi shares where her passion for empowering women, especially young moms, comes from. She shares her personal journey and demonstrates how we can all use our stories as inspiration to serve and make an impact.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • [1:54] Chelsi’s shares her journey being born in Florida and how her early years were defining years in her life
  • [7:13] How to form a network and start over after moving to another location
  • [10:17] Life with Chelsi Foundation was started to help expecting moms in need and it goes back to her personal story being born to a teenage mom. She didn’t want others to experience the same negativity that her mom faced.
  • [18:34] How do you balance all of your roles?
  • [22:23] How self care helps Chelsi balance her life and bring her best self forth
  • [37:23] How to make sure you don’t duplicate other efforts when you start your nonprofit

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