Episode 24: Become an Effective Nonprofit Professional by Focusing on 5 Key Areas

August 22, 2019

By: Sheela Nimishakavi

It takes more than just years of experience to develop into an effective nonprofit professional. Trust me, I’ve been at this for a while and I’ve found that the most effective professionals- the ones who create the greatest impact- focus on a few specific areas of their lives.

Today, I’m sharing with you what these 5 key focus areas are.

I know you’re busy. You work incredibly hard and you don’t need more work placed on your shoulders. So, I’ve also shared some of my tricks for building in these 5 areas into my life every single day.

It’s not about perfectly executing all five or taking a lot of time out of your day. Rather, it’s about consistency.

You deserve to have a satisfying and fulfilling nonprofit career, one that is aligned with the change you want to create in the world. This is how to get there.

Highlights from this episode include:

  • [2:47] When you’re truly passionate about the work that you do, it’s really hard to put up a boundary between work and life
  • [6:19] Self-care doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive
  • [9:33] By researching and joining online communities, such as Facebook groups, you can grow your network easily
  • [13:04] Self awareness will help you determine which areas of your work you need more training in
  • [15:10] Knowing your personal mission helps you understand when you’ve veered from the path or when you’re about to.

For more information about self-care, please check out episode 12 of Nonprofit Confidential.

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