Episode 5: Yewande Austin on Diversity and Inclusion, Holistic Problem Solving, and Maintaining Integrity while Raising Funds

January 29, 2019

Today’s episode features Yewande Austin- she is the executive director of the Change Rocks Foundation and the Global Institute for Diversity and Change.

Yewande has created a multi-disciplinary approach to diversity and inclusion that has transformed both nonprofit and for-profit organizations. She development the country’s first recognized diversity healthcare curriculum for pre-health and professional health science students.

These days, she focuses her efforts on Alheri Village, which is a resettlement community she developed in Nigeria for Boko Haram conflict survivors.
In this conversation, we talk about tips for implementing a diversity and inclusion strategy for nonprofits, holistic approaches to problem solving, maintaining integrity when dealing with funders, and so much more.

For more information on Yewande and her work , please visit: http://www.changerocksfoundation.com or http://www.globalinstituteforchange.com.

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